Top 10 Hottest Shopify Themes for Inspiration in 2020

A good start is half the battle! Choosing a popular and high-conversion Shopify themes is the first and crucial step to start your Shopify business. Here are the top 10 Shopify themes for your reference, according to Shopifyspy. Hope it is helpful.

#1 Debut
* 22.87 % stores' choice
Theme styles: Default, Light
* Ideal for small catalogs or stores with a small number of products
* Big promotional banner to highlight your products and their valuable info
* Predictive search to display live search results and quick links for product pages.
* Customer testimonials to promote your products by sharing your customers' comments and quotes.

#2 Brooklyn
* 8.6 5% stores’ choice
Theme styles: Classic, Playful
* Tailor-made for modern stores with a focus on brand imagery.
* Its dynamic product grid allows the product layout to change automatically according to the number of display.
* Slide-out cart enables the customers to easily add to their cart without leaving the current page.

#3 Minimal
* 6.09 % stores’ choice
Theme styles: Vintage, Fashion, Modern
* A simple, concise design to keep the focus on products
* Product filtering allows customers to filter products by type, and sort by best sellers and price on the collection page.
* Product image zoom function enables users to have a closer look and extra product details.

#4 Venture
* 5.44 % stores’ choice
Theme styles: Snowboards, Outdoor, Boxing
* Venture is tailored to large product catalogs or stores with a large number of products.
* A multi-column menu makes it possible to show product details and images in a drop-down menu.
* You can promote a single featured product by highlighting it front and center on your home page.

#5 Supply
* 5.13 % stores’ choice
Theme styles: Blue, Light
* Built for large catalogs or stores with a large number of products.
* Neatly classifies your products to increase conversion rates
* Collection filtering in sidebar allows customers to filter collection pages by brand, price, and other customized options.

#6 Prestige
* 3.97 % stores’ choice
Theme styles: Allure, Couture, Vogue
* Ideal for premium, high-end brand appeal
* Image hot-spot linking: Tag images by dragging hot-spots for easier in-context discovery of your products.
* Excellent for visual storytelling, owing to high-resolution product imagery and a built-in timeline tool.
* Quick buy: Allow customers to quickly add items to their cart without leaving the product page.

#7 Impulse
* 2.48 % stores’ choice
Theme styles: Modern, Vintage, Bold
* Big banner and imagery for awesome visual experience
* Multiple videos on your home page for story telling
* Custom collection sidebar filters to enable customers to browse and filter products using custom filters and tags.
* Create custom promotional content on collection pages.

#8 Simple
* 2.41 % stores’ choice
Theme styles: Light, Beauty, Toy
* An accordion-style sidebar menu for easily displaying your products and collections
* Product image zoom makes you access to products with a closer look.
* Image animations: Product and brand images animate into the page to create a sleek, transition effect.

#9 Narrative
* 2.28 % stores’ choice
Theme styles: Warm, Light, Cold
* Narrative, as its name, is perfect for visual storytelling
* Ideal for stores with a single product, or a small number of products.
* A full-width layout & high-resolution imagery for better visual display.
* Vertical slideshow on the home page for smooth browsing experience

#10 District
* 1.91 % stores’ choicewans
Theme styles: District, Energy, Coast
* A big and eye-catching banner highlights your featured or flagship product via a prominent homepage video or slideshow
* Display color swatches on your product page to showcase available product colors.

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